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Our hair is made from the finest quality Indian and Asian Remy hair. Quality A. 100% human hair. It is healthy, silky and shiny.
What is Remy Human Hair?
Remy Human Hair is also popularly referred to as ‘virgin hair’, and is extremely popular in various parts of the world. Remy Human Hair can be categorized in the ‘premium’ segment, as far as hair quality is concerned. Remy Human Hair is bundled in such a manner that the roots of the hair are on one side and the tip of the hair on the opposite side. Since all the hairs are placed in the same direction, the hairs remain undisturbed , making them more durable and long lasting.

For commercial purposes, Remy Human Hair is categorized into two types:

Remy Hair Single Drawn: This type of Remy Hair is taken out directly from the scalp by shaving the head. Care is taken to remove the very short hair, with the longer hair, found in different hair length, giving a pony tail like appearance.

Remy Hair Double Drawn: This type of hair is the finest quality with the same wave length in a piece. The hairs are arranged with equal lengths. There will not be any short hair in a piece.

Quality A: These are an expensive type of weft hair made up of Indian Virgin Remy hair. This type is unidirectional and characterized by single drawn hair, where the whole weave is made up of hairs of the same length.

Quality B: This type is again made up of special double drawn hair, virgin Remy Hair, and is unidirectional. The length of hairs though may vary by up to 1-2 inches.

Quality C: This is the finest quality of weft hair. The cuticles are intact and are unidirectional. The entire weave contains hairs of different length.

Non Remy Hair Extensions
Non Remy Hair is perhaps the most popular and commonly available form of hair. Non Remy Hair is also known as ‘fallen hair’. The roots and tips of hairs are all mixed up in Non Remy Hair. Tangling is a problem as a result of this, but still since they are inexpensive, they are the largest selling kind of hair in the world.

Non Remy Hair comes in two types. They are as follows:

Tangle Free Non Remy Hair: This type of non remy hair is obtained by shaving off the cuticles or the ends. This process reduces the chances of friction among hairs and what remains is tangle free hair.

Normal Non Remy Hair: This is probably the least expensive kind of hair. The cuticles are present in different directions and the hair is prone to tangling problems.

Single Drawn This is slightly less quality than the double drawn. The hairs will have 2" difference in the tip that is some hair in a piece will be 2" shorter than the original length.

Non-Remy Double Drawn This is like remy double drawn quality where all the hair will be of the same length. This is a good quality hair type.

Quality A: This type of hair consists of tangle free non remy hair with the cuticles shaved off or smoothened out. The entire weft consists of hairs of the same length, with no short hair. This is a premium quality weft.

Quality B: This is the next quality in wefts made up of non remy hair. They are also tangle free and have their cuticles shaved off. They are made up of special double drawn hair, with hair length of two inch difference, with no short hair.

Quality C: This is the final quality of wefts , made up of tangle free non remy hair . The cuticles are again shaved off and the hair used is single drawn. This makes the entire weft have hairs of different length.

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic Hair is made of a wide array of different synthetic fibers. Synthetic hair, just as human hair, comes in weave (weft) and single strands for braids. Most stylists do not recommend using synthetic hair for weaving or permanent hair extensions, but they are perfect for clip in extensions and temporary wear. It does not last as long as human hair however the quality of hair varies greatly, and if well maintained, synthetic hair can look as good as, if not better than human hair. Synthetic hair is much less expensive than human hair. The costs can range from $40.00 to $80.00 per package, depending on quality of hair, length, brand etc.

Heating appliances such as curling irons and straightening irons generally should not be used on synthetic hair. There are newer versions of synthetic hair, such as the Secret Stylist range, that allow styling with lower temperatures of heating appliances. Synthetic hair is better used for particular styles of braids and clip in hair extension sets. Although, Synthetic hair can usually shaped into styles by using the steam from boiling water to set the hair, typically when the synthetic hair is shaped it's best not to change it.
Human Hair

Most human hair used for extensions and weaves is derived from the continent of Asia (China, India, and to a very small degree, Southeastern Russia). People in the third world grow their hair for sale to specialty buyers who sell it to manufacturers. Lowerquality "human hair" extensions are often diluted with animal and synthetic hair to lower the price. Yak hair can be curled, permed, relaxed, and colored. Human hair is, however, more versatile than synthetic hair because it canbe colored, relaxed, or curled with heating appliances just as one would do with his or her own hair. But, many people are allergic to yak hair so suppliers are using human hair treated to mimic the African/African American texture. There are different grades of hair. The highest grade comes from young donors, is gently processed, careful not to damage the cuticles, and of "Remy" designation. Remy means the hair's cuticles are facing the direction in which they grew. The same maintenance that one would apply to his or her own hair should be applied to the human hair to keep it in good condition.

High quality 100% human hair is more expensive than hair mixed with other materials (synthetic hair is most common).
All our hair is 100% human hair. Remy Silky Quality A and is strictly not mixed with any synthetic fibres or animal hair (yuk!).
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